Welcome to Miljul!

Welcome to Miljul ! We are gearing up for the beta release and the team is excited about the journey that we are about to begin. So, what is Miljul ?

Miljul is the name we gave to our video conferencing tool, built using the exciting new technology, Web RTC (Real Time Communication). It is a Hindi word, meaning ‘together’.

Slide-Connect-world-u-fundacion-01-610x370 (2)

We feel Web RTC is going to revolutionize the telecom industry (for starters). And it doesn’t stop there. The possibilities for using real time video calls via the browser are immense. For example, think of customer care, or online education, or remote doctor consultation. Solutions for these verticals exist already. However, they are expensive and require both new software and hardware at the users’ end. Web RTC allows us to real time delivery of audio/video/file sharing with No installations or Plug-ins required, and no log in as well (unless for reasons of regulatory need or user convenience, we include a log in functionality).

We at Miljul are in love with Web RTC and Internet of Things (IoT), and the possibilities thereof. Launching the beta Miljul application is the first step in our mission.

We are planning the beta launch on March 6, 2015. This blog will carry regular updates on our progress, and post-launch, there will be a series of posts about the practical use of Web RTC (use scenarios).

Please wish us good luck and join us on this journey !


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